FirePro Vehicle Fire Suppression systems are ideal for vehicles and mobile plant found in the mining, logistics, construction and forestry industries. The system can be fitted to all sizes of vehicle as well as all types of mobile plant including mobile lighting towers, cranes, hydraulic power packs etc.

FirePro vehicle fire suppression systems are compact, easy to install and not pressurised, making them a unique fire extinguishing solution for vehicles. FirePro systems are currently protecting critical applications for numerous leading organisations around the world.

Installed in and around your vehicle’s engine, vehicle fire suppression systems detect and suppress fire. They can use a variety of detection systems to reliably identify fire threats. The system can be operated manually or automatically, depending on the specific requirements. Once activated the system will discharge the aerosol generators which will completely suppress the fire. This minimises damage to vehicles, as well as potential harm to operators, workers and passengers.

Using FirePro has significant advantages in weight and space requirements, and maintenance of the system is much easier than pressurised systems.

System is suitable for all types of vehicles, and is applicable operating in underground environments.

FirePro is compliant to AS 5062. Systems can be provided as kits or as standalone generators sized for the specific risk enclosure.

Why Choose FirePro?

  • Very Small Footprint – Compact – Easily Fitted In challenging Areas
  • Lightweight – Up to 60% less weight than pressurised gas or water mist systems
  • No Pipework Required
  • Lower cost of ownership than pressurised systems
  • No re-filling requirements
  • Modular – Installed inside the enclosure it protects
  • Manually or automatically activated
  • Suitable for classes of fire: A, B, C and F
  • Simple to design
  • Easy to Inspect & Maintain
  • Regulated by Local & International Standards


FP-8452 Control Panel

AS 5062 Approved Control Panel.


  • Manual or Auto operation
  • Twin power supply inputs
  • 2 Detection circuits – works with Thermal ROR, smoke detectors, or LHD
  • Monitored circuits
  • Options for delayed or 2nd shot and Shutdown relay • 12-24vDC.
FP-8100 Control Panel

Simple NON-Monitored Control Panel


  • Used in Vehicle or Marine Applications.
  • Can be configured to operate with/without LHD detection.
  • IP65 Rated 12-24vDC.
  • Has inbuilt siren with output available for external siren.
  • Activates up to 4 FP Units.