Sea-Fire Marine, A World Leader in Marine Fire Suppression Technology

FSE is the proud agent and stockist of Sea-Fire marine fire suppression systems to the New Zealand market. With Sea-Fire’s marine fire suppression systems, people enjoy the peace of mind only constant protection provides. Onboard and always on, Sea-Fire’s range of fire suppression products offer the ultimate in 24/7 fire protection.

Sea-Fire products are manufactured in the USA and offered throughout an ever-widening circle of ship builders and marine product dealers & distributors throughout the world.

Sea-Fire are trusted to ensure continuous product improvement and innovation such as recently tested and approved marine fire suppression systems featuring enviromentally sustainable fire suppressant – NOVEC 1230.

Sea-Fire fire suppression systems have the following approvals.
Maritime New Zealand, DNV, FM, UL, ABS, Australia NMSC, BV, CE, GL, Hong Kong, IMO, Lloyds/MCA, RINA, South African MSA, TC (Canada), USCG.

You’re safe with Sea-Fire

Novec 1230

Sea-Fire Novec 1230 NMD & NMG Fire Suppression Systems are designed to protect enclosed compartments. Systems are manually actuated by pull cable.

Upon discharge, the extinguishing agent (Novec 1230) floods the compartment with an electrically non conductive, noncorrosive vapor that stops the combustion process by physical means.

Novec 1230 removes heat energy from the fire to the extent that the combustion reaction cannot sustain itself.


FM-200, the extinguishing agent, used in all Sea-Fire “FG”, “FD”, “MG”and “MD”  series fire extinguishers, is a suitable EPA accepted alternate replacement for Halon.

FM-200 is electrically nonconductive and residue free extinguishing agent that requires no clean up.

For more information regarding FSE marine fire suppression systems please don’t hesitate to contact us.