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Heavy Duty Fire Extinguisher Brackets

All Fire Extinguishers come supplied with a wall bracket or light vehicle bracket. In extreme environments greater support is required, we offer a full range of heavy duty brackets to suit your needs. All Amerex Brackets are made in the USA.

HD Rubber Strap Brackets
Suitable for high vibration environments
Adjustable for different sizes.

HD Box Type Brackets
Suitable for vehicles
Adjustable for different sizes
Offers greater protection

HD Extinguisher Brackets
Powder coated or Galvanized
Reversible locking arm for left or right opening.

Agent Size Model Cyl. Diam. Std. Bracket Rubber Strap Box type HD Bracket
ABE 1.0 Kg E-110 80mm Plastic Vehicle F-860
1.0 Kg E-120 80mm Vehicle F-860
1.5 Kg E-150 90mm Vehicle F-860
2.5 Kg E-250 120mm Wall & Vehicle F-862 F-809
4.5 Kg E-450 145mm Wall F-862 F-809 F-HDC45G
9.0 Kg AS-423 180mm Wall F-864 F-810 F-HDC90G
9.0 Kg E-900 180mm Wall F-864 F-810 F-HDC90G
CO2 2.0 Kg C-204 100mm Wall F-862 F-810
3.5 Kg C-354 136mm Wall F-862 F-810 F-HDC45G
5.0 Kg C-504 136mm Wall F-862 F-810 F-HDC90G
Water 9.4 Lit E-941 180mm Wall F-864 F-810 F-HDC90G
AFFF Foam 1.2 Lit E-122 Vehicle
2.1 Lit E-212 Vehicle F-862 F-807
3.0 Lit E-302 140mm Wall F-860 F-809 F-HDC45G
9.4 Lit E-902 180mm Wall F-864 F-810 F-HDC90G
Wet Chemical 3.0 Lit E-313 140mm Wall F-864 F-810 F-HDC45G
6.0 Lit AS-260 180mm Wall F-864 F-810 F-HDC90G
Dry Chemical PK 9.0 Kg AS-415 180mm Wall F-864 F-810 F-HDC90G
Class D 30 Lb AS-570 205mm Wall F-864 F-HDC90G
30 Lb AS-571 205mm Wall F-864 F-HDC90G