Lith-Ex Fire Champion

The World’s First Lithium Ion Battery Fire Extinguisher

Lith-EX extinguishers are ideally suited for Lithium battery fires such as those which may occur with personal electronic devices, for example, mobile phones and tablets. It can also be used to protect against fires where batteries are under charge, and where batteries are stored for example goods distribution, battery collection bins, battery recycling locations, public services, battery charging stations and many other scenarios.

Did you know? Traditional fire extinguishers are ineffective when used against a Lithium-Ion Battery Fire!

Lithium-Ion Batteries are found in most everyday devices including Mobile Phones, Tablets, Laptops, Children’s Toys, Power Tools and not forgetting the relatively new market of e-cigarettes!

In recent years we have been increasingly educated of the dangers of Lithium-Ion Batteries due to the significant rise in reported fires caused by such devices.

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The revolutionary fire champion LITH-EX is designed to eliminate Lithium-Ion Battery Fires.
Lithium-Ion Battery Fires
Lithium-Ion Battery Fires

Traditional fire extinguishers are typically ineffective against Lithium-Ion Battery Fires. The LITH-EX solves this problem, easily tackling small fires that may occur in electronic devices powered by Lithium Batteries e.g. mobile phones, laptops, tablets, toys and gadgets.

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LITH-EX Fire Extinguisher

Did you know that simply dropping your mobile phone can cause it to catch fire?

Do you ever leave your phone or device on charge overnight? Continuous overcharging together with common charging malfunctions can cause your device to catch fire.

In the unfortunate event that your device does catch fire did you realise that the temperature can quickly exceed over 800 degrees Celsius – that’s 3 times hotter than an oven!

Proven success tackling Lithium Ion Battery Fires
Extinguishes uncontrollable flames
Quickly cools the excessive heat
Prevents re-ignition
Model Lith-EX
Size 400ml
Shipping Specifications
Weight Per Unit (Full) g 650
Dimensions Per Unit mm 300×65
Product Specifications
Min Working Temp °C 5
Max Working Temp °C +50
Approx Discharge Time Sec 35
Approx Discharge Range m 2
Cylinder Test Pressure Bar 11
Extinguishing Agent AVD-Li
Propellant Nitrogen