Tyco’s FOG system reduces the consumption of water and pipe diameters whilst providing a fast and efficient method of fire protection for class A and B fires.

AquaMist FOG solution consists of:

  • A pump skid unit and bank of cylinders
  • Electrical control equipment
  • Discharge nozzles which are located around the protected area
  • Design & technical services

It gives outstanding fire suppression protection for turbine and transformer rooms, engine test cells, diesel engines and alternators, paint spray booths and mechanical escalators. It also provides fire control for computer rooms, occupied rooms and class A fires, archives, cable trays and telecommunication centers.

How it works

The system operates at working pressures of 70 to 200 bar to produce droplets of small diameters at high speed. For each different protected hazard, optimized nozzles have been developed and tested.

AquaMist FOG is based on principles of well established hydraulic technology. Spray heads are designed to discharge water in the form of watermist, with tiny drops creating a large effective cooling surface area of the fire and surrounding volume. The high speed of the droplets means that the mist can penetrate the hot fumes and reach the combustion area quickly.

AquaMist FOG systems can be supplied with a stand-alone bank of cylinders, electric pumps and diesel pumps depending on the fire hazard and installation needs.


AquaMist FOG systems are one of the best options when piping dimensions or pressure losses are critical, for example in applications such as older heritage buildings or libraries and archives, where excessive water damage and fragile infrastructure needs specialist care and attention.

Approved and Tested Solutions

Our AquaMist FOG products are approved and certified so you know you are sourcing products which are approved and tested to the highest standards. Approvals are in place to prevent unsafe or risky products from entering the marketplace. Tyco solutions have been rigorously tested by a third-party, with on-going product auditing, to ensure standards are maintained.