Tyco’s AquaMist Sonic system is a revolution in Class B fire protection and features 100% machined stainless steel construction for superior strength, no internal moving parts for extreme dependability and multiple mounting options for ease of installation.

AquaMist Sonic system consists of:

  • Bank of cylinders
  • Electrical control equipment
  • Discharge nozzles which are located around the protected area
  • Design & technical services

In terms of placement, the AquaMist Sonic system offers maximum flexibility. Atomizers can be mounted to the ceiling at heights from 3.0 to 8.0 meters (9.8 to 26.3 ft) and also to walls at heights from 2.0 to 5.0 meters (6.7 to 16.4 ft). Electrical or mechanical selector valve options allow protection of multiple hazards using a single system.

How it works

This system utilizes non-toxic and readily available extinguishing media (water and nitrogen). AquaMist Sonic’s twin-fluid technology is safe for people and is environmentally-friendly and it is also inexpensive to recharge. The system provides a higher volume of smaller water droplets, spraying them further and is the high-performance fire suppression system specifically engineered to cover a wide range of industrial, commercial and institutional special hazard applications.

It is constructed of industry-recognised, proven, components including an ASME/TPED approved stainless steel water storage tank. Capable of automatic detection and actuation and/or remote manual actuation, the system is installed and serviced by authorized distributors.

Innovative Solutions

Just two supersonic atomisers create 1.5 trillion superfine water droplets per second, producing a combined surface area of 121 m2 (1302 ft2) per second. This is equivalent to the surface of an Olympic-size soccer field in one minute. Plus, the atomisers propel the droplets at high velocity throughout the combustion zone.

The atomization is the key to the effectiveness of the AquaMist Sonic system. Supersonic technology generates a high-velocity, low-pressure zone that draws a thin sheet of water into a primary atomization region. A conical supersonic wave then creates a zone of extreme acceleration and high shear-rate, breaking the sheet into atomized droplets.


The system is faster with high-volume, high-velocity discharge which quickly fills spaces. It is also smarter and uses one-third the water of comparable highpressure systems. This system is listed and approved for the protection of flammable liquid hazards (FM) and extinguished all fire scenarios in the FM Protocol 5560. It is FM approved for spaces ranging from 4,591 to 36,727 cubic feet (130 to 1040 cubic meters).