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Fire Extinguisher Cabinets

Heavy Duty Fire Cabinets

Fire Safety Equipment's heavy duty fire extinguisher cabinets feature heavy duty UV traded plastic. Dual lock-downs, weather seal, viewing panels, and internal fixing strap. Suitable for New Zealand's harsh outdoor environment.

Heavy Duty Fire Cabinets
Cato Fire Cabinets
Cato Fire Cabinets

Cato Fire Extinguisher Cabinets, with body and frame injection moulded red, high-impact crystal polystyrene with ultra-violet inhibitors. Cylinder lock and key, polypropylene plastic injected moulded hammer with flexible torsion, ribbed grip surface, and clear nylon-jacketed stainless steel mechanical cable.

Agent Size Model Heavy Duty
ABE 1.0 Kg E-110 Small
1.0 Kg E-120 Small
1.5 Kg E-150 Small
2.5 Kg E-250 TH0202 Small
4.5 Kg E-450 TH0202 Medium
9.0 Kg AS-423 TH0202 Large
9.0 Kg E-900 TH0202 Large
CO2 2.0 Kg C-204 TH0202 Medium
3.5 Kg C-354 TH0202
5.0 Kg C-504 TH0201
Water 9.4 Lit E-941 TH0202 Large
AFFF Foam 1.2 Lit E-122 Small
2.1 Lit E-212 Small
3.0 Lit E-302 TH0202 Medium
9.4 Lit E-902 TH0202 Large
Wet Chemical 3.0 Lit E-313 Th0202 Large
6.0 Lit AS-260 Th0202 Large
Dry Chemical PK 9.0 Kg AS-415 TH0202 Large