As part of a FSE – Fire Safety Equipments fire-protection toolbox, the Tyco AquaMist systems offer a simple and easy to use water-based fire suppression solution which is dependable, safe and carries comprehensive approvals.

Through our expertize and knowledge, we can advise you on which system is best suited to the environment to be protected and the best specification to match the risk. We believe in customizing a solution to the application, not in a one-size-fits-all solution.

Selecting the right watermist system is not only about extinguishing the fire, it is about caring for the contents of the building, minimizing water damage and optmizing budgets.

FSE has extensive experience in designing and engineering fire suppression systems that will meet your needs, with a large array of the most advanced clean agent fire suppression systems available today all of which are standards approved, environmentally friendly and ensure human safety. FSE will work with you to determine the most suitable for the risk you are protecting.