Wheeled Fire Extinguishers

100 Lit Stored Pressure Foam and 50 Kg Stored Pressure ABE Powder — two choices for large volume protection. Model M100 (Foam) is effective on Class B fuel fires. Model M50 (ABE Powder) designed for fighting larger fires. Well balanced for quick transport on 400mm foam filled pneumatic tyres.

Stainless Steel Cylinder Painted Red
Powder Coat Paint Finish with UV Rated Paint
High Quality Rugged Trolley, Hose Rack
400mm Solid Foam Filled Tyres for easy movement
5 Metre Hose for direct discharge
Up to 12m Discharge
Wheeled Fire Extinguishers
Model No. M100 M50
Agent Foam ABE Powder
Capacity 50-100 L. 50 Kg
Shipping Weight 163 Kg 115 Kg
Dimensions H1280 x W680 x D680 mm
Disch Range 8-12 m 8-12 m
Hose Length 5 m