Spray Foam Fire Extinguishers

Stainless Steel Cylinders Painted Red
Stainless Steel Low Profile Handles
Large High Quality Gauge
Brass Spray Nozzle and Valve
Hose to direct discharge for restricted areas
AFFF foam charge supplied
Foam offers improved post fire security.
Nozzle provides even discharge pattern & coverage
Foam creates less mess and is easier to clean up.
Foam allows more than one discharge attempt (valve reseats, unlike powder)
AFFF discharge effective on class F fires
AS / NZ Approvals
Spray Foam Fire Extinguishers
Model E-212 E-302
Size 2.1 L 3.0 L
Agent AFFF
AS / NZ Rating 1A:5B:1F 2A:5B:2F
Shipping Specifications
Shipping Weight Kg 1.9 2.2
Height mm 525 440
Width mm 130 155
Depth mm 120 170
Product Specifications
Mass Full Kg 3.8 5.1
Cylinder Diameter mm 100 140
Height mm 500 340
Operating Pressure kPa 1030 690
Test Pressure kPa 2500 2500