FirePro Fire Suppression

Ozone Friendly Cost Effective Gas Suppression Alternative

FirePro is an exciting new developement in fire Protection. It uses no high pressure cylinders, no pipework, does not require expensive maintenance procedures and is suitable for all types of risk.

FirePro is UL approved and has been evaluated and verified as conforming with the requirements of AS 4487-2013 Condensed Aerosol fire Extinguishing Systems.

FirePro systems are tested and certified according to the most stringent international standards and requirements.

The modular, pre-engineered FirePro units efficiently and effectively protect conventional, as well as, specially-designed projects.

FirePro is currently commissioned to safeguard key assets for a portfolio of prestigious customers, in more than 110 countries around the world.

How it works

FirePro Aerosol Generators use FPC aerosol-forming solid compound. On activation, the compound is transformed into a rapidly expanding, highly efficient and highly effective fire extinguishing aerosol, based on Potassium salts. FirePro extinguishes fire by inhibiting the chain chemical reactions present in combustion on a molecular level.

Autonomous and Automatic
Compatible with any conventional alarm/detection system.
Space and weight saving.
Activated electrically or thermally.
Suitable for A, B, E, and D class fires.
Does not contain pyrotechnic material.
Subject to lower maintenance costs compared to pressurised systems.
Fail-safe activation system ensures operation, even if everything else fails.
Long operational life.

The FPC solid compound, developed after many years of Research & Development, utilizes environmentally friendly, naturally occurring Potassium salts with no pyrotechnic materials involved. FirePro’s dedication to sustainability is attested by the number and quality of EU and International Certificates, Listings and Approvals attained.

Approvals & Certifications

FirePro Marine
FirePro Marine

Wheelmark marine approved as well as Maritime NZ. Easy install and testing plus a long service life.

Fire Vehicle
Fire Vehicle

AS 5062 approved, space-saving, fail-safe, long-life, easy install and servicing. Space-age technology for your vehicle.

FirePro Electrical
FirePro Electrical

Long lifespan and easy to install and maintain. Featuring maybe the smallest UL approved system in the world.

FirePro Lithium-ion
FirePro Lithium-ion

Kiwa Certified Lithium-ion fire suppression systems. Tested, and trusted.

FirePro ATEX
FirePro ATEX

ATEX Generators are designed to operate in potentially explosive atmospheres.

FirePro Generators
FirePro Generators

FirePro product range and full details including datasheets.

FirePro Control Equipment
FirePro Control Equipment

The right panel to suit the situation. Including the FP-8451 AS 5062 approved.

FirePro technology extinguishes fire by inhibiting the chemical chain reactions in the flame on a molecular level, without depleting oxygen!

The FirePro Advantage

Conventional fire extinguishing agents extinguish fire by one or a combination of the following three methods:

Cooling: By absorbing heat from the fire and lowering its temperature.

Starvation: By reducing or cutting-off the fuel supply.

Smothering: By removing oxygen or reducing it below a certain level.