Service and Testing

Services and Testing

Here at Fire Safety Equipment we not only specialise in the design, engineering, and supply of special hazard fire suppression system we also specialise in the service and testing of the many cylinders, valves, manifolds etc that go into making them work over the lifetime of the products.

Where possible we offer exchange cylinders for FM-200/Novec 1230 or swap-n-go for our InergenĀ® and iFlow, cylinders to minimize system downtime.

Fire Safety Equipment have bulk quantities of gases as well as stock of valve rebuild kits for most major brands of fire suppression systems sold in New Zealand, ensuring a fast turn around to get your system up and operational once again.

We have comprehensive workshop facilities and we offer the following services.

FM-200 Decanting/Filling
Novec 1230 Decanting/Filling
IG55/541 Cylinder Servicing (150bar-300bar)
Hydrostatic Pressure Testing - All Brands
Valve Refurbishment
Cylinder Painting
Cylinder Leak Testing and Repressurization
Room Integrity Testing
ABE Dry Powder Fire Extinguishers