Room Integrity Testing

Room Integrity Testing

Fire Safety Equipment staff are trained and perform room integrity tests on enclosures nationwide. Contact us today.

Room Integrity Testing is extremely important and often required during commissioning and on-going to ensure compliance, especially if designing and installed to AS 4214, ISO 1450, NFPA 2001 etc. Room integrity testing helps confirm whether or not the agent being used for total flooding fire suppression will be held within the enclosure being protected at the applicable design concentration.

Generally, a ten minute hold time is required in order to pass this test.

In order to test enclosures hold time/integrity, a blower door is installed within a door frame. Measurements are taken while the enclosure is both under pressure and de-pressurised in order to obtain an estimated leakage area.

The measured leakage area from the blower door test can then be used to estimate retention times for various clean agent fire extinguishing systems installed in the protected room.

Fire Safety Equipment has a wealth of experience in conducting room integrity tests. Our staff together with the specialist equipment can conduct your next room integrity test anywhere in the country. Get in contact with us today.

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