Electrical Cabinet Fire Protection Made Easy

Our FirePro product range is aimed at making small enclosures (electrical cabinets, small vessel engine rooms etc) that have been previously deemed uneconomical to protect, protectable with an easy ready made affordable plug n play kit.

Autonomous, reliable and cost effective. FirePro ready made kits provide the perfect solution for electrical cabinet/small enclosure protection. 24/7 UL Listed fire protection. FirePro uses the latest FPC solid compound which once activated transforms into a rapidly expanding extremely effective fire extinguishing condensed aerosol.

Non-corrosive & non-toxic
Environmentally Friendly
Autonomous and Automatic
No pipework
Space & weight saving
Easy to install and require little maintenance.
15 year life span

It’s built in fail-safe activation system ensures operation of the units when required, even if  everything else fails. At 300C the FPC block changes to a potassium based gas to extinguish the fire.

Cabinet Fire Test - With Obstacles

The FPC solid compound, developed after many years of Research & Development, utilizes environmentally friendly, naturally occurring Potassium salts with no pyrotechnic materials involved. FirePro’s dedication to sustainability is attested by the number and quality of EU and International Certificates, Listings and Approvals attained.