FirePro Electrical Cabinet Fire Protection

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FirePro Electrical Cabinet Fire Suppression Systems

Autonomous, reliable and cost effective. FirePro ready made kits provide the perfect solution for electrical cabinet/small enclosure protection. 24/7 UL Listed fire protection. FirePro uses the latest FPC solid compound which once activated transforms into a rapidly expanding extremely effective fire extinguishing condensed aerosol.

Very Small Footprint – Compact – Easily Fitted In challenging Areas
Lightweight – Up to 60% less weight than pressurised gas systems
No pipework required
Lower cost of ownership than pressurised systems
No re-filling requirements
Modular – Installed inside the enclosure it protects
Manually or automatically activated
Suitable for classes of fire: A, B, C, F, D
Simple to design
Easy to Inspect & Maintain
Regulated by Local & International Standards

Its built-in fail-safe activation system ensures the operation of the units when required, even if everything else fails. At 300C the FPC block changes to a potassium-based gas to extinguish the fire.

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