Marine Fire Protection

Marine Fire Protection is a principal concern for naval engineers. On-board fires often escalate quickly, causing massive damage to equipment, facilities and the environment.

More importantly, they typically occur in remote areas where assistance is limited. Fire protection at sea is especially demanding, with many requirements in place to ensure maritime operations are protected from fire.

Vessel and offshore fires usually start in engine rooms, machinery, electrical controls and storage rooms. Many fire locations are typically in out-of-sight compartments that are often difficult to access making emergency firefighting a challenging task.

Ship owners and operators are keen to protect marine assets with the best-on-offer fire suppression systems. FirePro meets and surpasses expectations in marine fire protection.

FirePro protects at low maintenance cost a wide variety of vessels ranging from large to small. With strict compliance to marine codes of practice and standards, FirePro systems are easily installed on new or retrofit applications in a comfortably short time.

Why Choose FirePro?

  • Very Small Footprint – Compact – Easily Fitted In challenging Areas
  • Lightweight – Up to 60% less weight than pressurised gas systems
  • No Pipework Required
  • Lower cost of ownership than pressurised systems
  • No re-filling requirements
  • Modular – Installed inside the enclosure it protects
  • Manually or automatically activated (Depending on local regulations)
  • Suitable for classes of fire: A, B, C and F
  • Simple to design
  • Easy to Inspect & Maintain
  • Regulated by Local & International Standards

FirePro carries more marine approvals than any other aerosol system, including UL, Wheelmark, DNV, Maritime NZ etc.


FP-8450 Control Panel


  • Manual or Auto operation
  • Twin power supply inputs
  • 2 Detection circuits – works with Thermal ROR, smoke detectors, or LHD
  • Capable of double knock operation
  • All circuits monitored
  • Options for delayed or 2nd shot.
FP-8100 Control Panel

Simple NON-Monitored Control Panel


  • Used in Vehicle or Marine Applications.
  • Can be configured to operate with/without LHD detection.
  • IP65 Rated 12-24vDC.
  • Has inbuilt siren with output available for external siren.
  • Activates up to 4 FP Units.
FPX103C Control Panel


  • CE Certified
  • Dual detection loops with monitoring
  • Automatic Engine,fuel,fan shutdown
  • Spindown delay
  • 12 or 24vDC power
FP-8500 Panel
  • IMO Certified
  • LED Display
  • Activates up to 84 FirePro generators
  • Time delayed releasing function (optional)
FS12 Panel
  • DNV Approved (A-12563), according to IMO MSC 1270
  • Suitable for use in both small and large installations
  • System monitoring ensures detection of system faults
FP-8850 Delayed Discharge Module

Discharge Delay Module allows for the addition of FirePro Generators above the limit of 4 in the standard panel. Also provides for delayed discharge of units should longer agent discharge time be required

  • All circuits monitored.
FP-8860 Shutdown Module

Shutdown Module – connects via the siren circuit, and will allow for selectable delays for the shutdown of devices. It provides a volt free contact (NO or NC) which can be used with appropriately rated relays.

FP-8870 Power Control Module

Power Control Module allows for secondary power supply to be added where available. If secondary supply not available the batteries may be added where backup supply required.