HALOTRON I is a “Clean Agent” HydroChloroFluoroCarbon discharged as a rapidly evaporating liquid which leaves no residue. It effectively extinguishes Class A and B fires by cooling and smothering.  Halotron is pressurised with Argon gas and is an EPA (USA) and FAA (USA) approved HCFC blend B agent approved for use on Class A, B and C fires. It has a low GWP, and a low Atmospheric Lifetime.

In Australia Halotron is approved by CASA as an acceptable replacement for Halon 1211 extinguishers in aircraft.

Fire Safety Equipment offers Amerex Halotron I extinguishers as an acceptable solution to a problem within the aviation industry post the removal of Halon 1211 fire extinguishers.

Since the removal of Halon 1211 extinguishers the NZ aviation industry has been left with no viable firefighting extinguisher solution that meets all the needs of users. Dry Powder extinguishers are in many cases too large and could cause very dangerous visual impairment inside the cockpit if fired. CO2 units are often big and heavy and the risks to life offiring one in a small aircraft cabin are large

The Amerex Halotron I extinguishers are small enough to fit inside any light or large aircraft and also due to the nature of the compound able to achieve a UL 1B fire rating on even the smallest unit.

In New Zealand, Fire Safety Equipment has EPA approval to import and sell Halotron I extinguishers exclusively for use within aircraft.

 Valves ALUMINIUM BRASS Chrome Plated
 Model Number A384T B385TS B386T B394TS 397 398
 Size – Capacity (lbs) 1.4 2.5 5.0 5.5 11 15.5
 Applicator Nozzle Hose and Nozzle
 UL Rating 1B : C 2B : C 5B : C 5B : C 1A : 10B : C 2A : 10B : C
 NSN 4210-01-609-8699
 Shipping Weight (lbs) 3.25 5.25 9.25 10 22.5 27.5
 Height (Inch.) 10 15.5 15.25 15.25 21.5 21.5
 Width  (Inch.) 3.5 5.5 5.75 5.14 9.14 9.14
 Depth  (Inch.) 2.875 3 4.25 4.25 6 6
 Range (ft) 6-8 6-10 9-15 9-15 9-15 12-18
 Discharge Time (s) 9 9 9 9 9 14
 Standard Bracket Aircraft Vehicle Aircraft Wall Bracket